4th Time

The Physics and Consciousness View on Time

The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion
Albert Einstein

We start simple - our first Time Travel

  • The mind can go to the Past, Present and Future with ease.
  • Where your attention is you are.


  • Experience the present moment with all your senses (see, feel, hear, smell, ..).
  • Let's remember the sweet first kiss.
  • Imagine a beautiful future event (e.g. hand in your great thesis)

Time Experience

  • Your brain connects the events and orders them on the time line (linear time).
  • Your attention to past and future has effects on physical, mental and emotional levels (you are holistic).
  • Is it real?
    • Well, it is definitely real for you!
  • Is it real for others?
    • Everything is connected. Others can also feel what you imagine; they can be with you in that event.

What Physics tell us

classical physics + normal everyday experience: linear time


  • 4D space: 3 geometrical dimensions + 1 time dimension.
  • Bird view of time (see all at once).

The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion
Albert Einstein

Quantum Physics

  • Schrödinger's cat (thought experiment).
  • Cat in a box dies from a poison with a certain probability.
  • The state is not yet decided until it is observed.
  • When it is observed the outcome depends on you.
  • Observer (Consciousness) is not separate from the observed.

Many-Worlds Interpretation

  • There are several controversial discussed interpretations.
  • All possible outcomes are physically realized in parallel universes (multiverse).
  • Our consciousness chooses the path/the universe.
  • Infinite potential and infinite possibilities.

Past and Future

  • Going into the past and changing something means you go into
    a different universe (branch).

  • Time travel is in principle possible: you are just in a different universe.

  • Question remains: if and how the universes interact.

What Consciousness tells us

  • Experience/Feeling of perceived reality.
  • Experience of the mind: free to go to past and future.
  • Is it possible to have the bird view? Yes!

Fourth Time

  • Being present to a time continuum at once.
  • Transcended past, present and future.
  • Also called the eternal now. Being fully present beyond normal time.


  • The body has limitations: it is 3D + linear time.
  • The mind can be free (Fourth Time).

Possible Bridge

  • Everything is energy: E=mc2E=mc^{2} (Einstein).
  • Physical body: the most dense energy field.
  • Mental and emotional bodies: more subtle energy fields.
  • Body, Mind and Soul is a unity and should work similarly.

Exercises and Questions

  • Partner exercise for 4th time (~4 mins):
    1. Look each other into the eye and be relaxed, stay present.
    2. One asks Who are you? when you feel the other is distracted.
    3. Exchange roles and/or change partner.
  • Explore past and future with your mind and experience it with all your senses.
  • What is your experience? How does it feel?


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